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Raw food personalized specifically for your best friend:

  •     Go to our Weight Calculator tab to get the recommended daily portion.   
  •     Click on our VIP icon below to customize your Raw Food order.
  •     Orders are made for a minimum of one month and you can have a recurring order.
  •     You can choose to receive your monthly order once a week, every two weeks, or once a month.
  •     Your order will come in frozen daily portions ready to thaw and serve. 

All our food comes frozen and individually packed. We recommend thawing each portion 6 to 12 hours before serving.

Our packaging is industrial biodegradable and recyclable.  

If you don't want the personalized order:

  •     You can buy 20, 40, or 80 lbs boxes delivered to your home, by clicking on any of the flavours below,
  •     Each 20 Lbs Box comes with 24 froozen blocks of 360 to 380 grams. 
  •     Each 40 Lbs Box comes with 48 froozen blocks of 360 to 380 grams.
  •     Each 80 Lbs Box comes with 96 froozen blocks of 360 to 380 grams.

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