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We want to make your Raw Food experience very easy for you and your furry one.

One of the biggest concerns for dog owners is freezer space. By delivering smaller portions you don’t have to make a lot of room in your freezer to keep your best friend’s food stored.

We personalize your Raw Food Order with monthly - daily frozen portions according to your dog’s weight (lbs) (you can check the daily portion needed on the weight calculator). 

Your order and pricing are made for a minimum of one month. But you can choose to receive them weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

The monthly - daily portions are packed and sealed in frozen industrial biodegradable bags for each day of the week.

You can choose to have one or two flavours on your delivery. 

You can have a recurring order so you don't have to do it every month. Your card will be billed directly via Stripe every month the same day you made your first order. Then, you and your furry friend can enjoy Raw Food without interruptions. 

To enjoy the benefits of our VIP program click on the link below or click on the VIP icon on our order page. Select the flavour, the daily portion closest to your pet's requirements as per the weight calculator, and the frequency of delivery.

After reviewing your order we will call you to set up the date and time for your first delivery.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you the best Raw Food in the market.