Why Raw is better for your dog?

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Why Raw is better for your dog? 


Being a pet owner you want to make sure the health and diet of your precious companion are always the best. Dogs are scavenging carnivores and when in the wild they will catch and eat whole prey; skin, bone, meat, organs. While covering territory they will also eat berries, roots, and vegetable matter that they happen upon. Despite centuries of domestication, our beloved companions still retain the same physiological characteristics as their ancestors. And even though they have evolved throughout time, a dog will still thrive on a raw food diet. 

Why Kibble is not the best choice for your dog?

Kibble and other unnatural foods were not made for healthy nutrition for our loved ones. Imagine the damage you are creating on your dog’s health. In addition, the heating process of kibble removes a lot of the nutrition that could be sustained if fed raw and these products contain a lot of additives, which don’t add any nutritional value to your dog. It was created to make it more convenient and affordable. Take yourself as an example, would you eat fast food all day? Most likely not! The same is for your dog.


What makes a raw diet? 

When dogs are fed uncooked and unheated: 

  •     Muscle Meats
  •     Organ Meats
  •     Ground or whole bone 
  •     Dog Safe Vegetable and or Fruits 
  •     Some dairy 

The benefits of Raw Food

This is what you can expect when switching to Raw:

  •     Shinier coats
  •     Healthier skin
  •     Improved dental health
  •     Increased energy
  •     Your dog to get back to healthy weight
  •     More food absorption in the gut
  •     Smaller stools